Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top 5 Things to See Before or After Your Chicago Booth Interview

For Round 1 applicants, interview decisions are right around the corner. Since many of you will be on campus soon, here’re a few things I’d recommend trying to see when you visit:

The art collection at the Harper Center – spread throughout the building, the collection of art at the Harper Center is one of the largest contemporary art collections in Chicago. If you take the tour, you’re bound to see parts of the collection, but take some time to admire it yourself. The art collection here is something a lot of students take pride in – a couple times each quarter, the Graduate Business Council organizes art tours, and the tours fill instantly.
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The first Heisman Trophy at Ratner Athletic Center – I know it’s hard to believe, but the University of Chicago was once a football powerhouse. We’re even undefeated against Notre Dame (2-0, but who’s counting?). The former football glory came with the hardware to prove it, and included the first Heisman Trophy. Won by Jay Berwanger, the trophy now sits on display in the center of the main athletic center on campus.
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Booth 455 – For those of you interviewing on Super Saturday, your interviews will take place in the beautiful, newly leased space in NBC Tower. Sitting across the street from the Gleacher Center and along the Chicago River, Booth 455 opened up a number of new group study rooms and a handful of classrooms for students to use. Booth 455 quickly became my (and many students’) favorite place to hold group meetings – the study rooms are modern and comfortable and perfectly located for most students. Booth 455 is also a great example of how the school constantly invests in making the experience even better.
Dean Sunil Kumar, Dean Robert Gertner and students at the 455 ribbon cutting last year, courtesy of Chicago Business 

Mansueto Library - Completed in 2011, Mansueto is a glass-enclosed library and study space for the entire University. Below the study space are underground bookstacks, allowing for increased capacity. For any fans of the Veronica Roth trilogy, Mansueto was also the home to the Erudite faction from the Divergent film. Around the corner from Manseuto, you’ll also find Nuclear Energy. The sculpture commemorates the first self-sustaining nuclear reaction, and is actually located at the exact spot the reaction took place (don’t worry, it’s safe!).
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Current Booth Students – For those of you interviewing during the week, stick around after your interview! Current students come and go from the Harper Center all day and we all want to help you make the best choice for you for business school. While you’ll get a chance to ask plenty of questions during the interview, feel free to stop any of us around the Harper Center and ask anything you didn’t get the chance (or didn’t want to ask) your interviewer. 

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