Friday, October 5, 2012

Why Are We Here And Not Somewhere Else?

Boothies all recognize the light installation that adorns the Harper Center asking "Why are you here and not somewhere else?" As a student body this is something we think about often. If you come to Booth you'll find everyone has a story and many are here because they want to make a career change. Yesterday's Economist MBA rankings placed Booth #1, largely because it offers unparalleled new career opportunities and "its graduates find employment in the widest range of industries." We're proud to be part of a community that has extremely varied interests and an institution that provides the resources for us to pursue so many paths. If you speak with Booth students, you will hear over and over that Career Services, academic flexibility, and strong community are what makes this possible. Today, four students reflect on why they believe Booth is #1 and share why they are here and not somewhere else.



"I truly believe that this ranking recognizes Chicago Booth's well-rounded program and its strong commitment to excellence. Booth not only offers unparalleled flexibility in the academic curriculum and a first-class faculty, it also has one of the most reputed career services team and a tight and diverse student community. I could not ask for a better launching pad towards my goals. "Challenge everything" also means that we never settle, and that we raise the bar year after year; that is why Chicago Booth is number one and surely will continue to be for years coming. Being an international student (Spain) and a career switcher (lawyer), I really wanted to partner with the best to secure success in this challenging journey. I could not have chosen better." - Borja Soldevila, Class of 2014

"For me this ranking reflects what Booth has always been in my mind: #1. Booth was always my #1 choice for business school, because of the outstanding people, faculty, alumni, resources, and curriculum. Though I've only been a first year for a month, I've already had access to leadership panels, CEOs of various companies, and alumni who act as mentors. I know I have every resource available to me at Booth, no matter what path I decide." - Arti Shah, Class of 2014

"Booth offers flexibility and truly unique opportunities. This allows you to add the skills you need to the experiences you have to set you up to do the things you dream about." - Harrison Wheaton, Class of 2013

"The people are the reason why I am at Booth. When I came to visit as a prospective student, I didn't know anyone and I'd never been to Chicago. Throughout the visit, people included me in activities and made sure I was having a great time. I came here a stranger and in just days left with a group of friends and knowing Chicago is an amazing city. The welcoming community helps you build relationships that will last a lifetime." - Victoria Varau, Class of 2013

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