Friday, April 13, 2012

Meet Booth’s Dream Dates

Happy Friday! Hope everyone’s week is wrapping up well. Here at Booth, we kicked off our weekend on Thursday with a fun fundraising event. Last night hundreds of Boothies filled the Chicago Cultural Center for Giving Something Back’s Annual Charity Auction. A silent auction featured prizes including dinner with professors and photo opps with Booth’s Nobel Laureates, while a live auction offered students a chance to bid on a date with one of their classmates. Today at TBE, we hear from some of the students who were auctioned off and learn why they went for thousands of dollars last night.

David Osei
Boothies should bid on me because I'm a great listener and self-esteem booster. Also, I once won a dance contest at a Mexican-themed bar in Canada. Just saying.

A dream Booth date would start with a drink at the fifth floor Gleacher Center bar, followed by dinner at the secret basement Gleacher Center restaurant. (I know people there.) After dinner, we're off on a stroll to MPP. I don't live there, but it's great people watching.

Jess Scrimale
Boothies should bid on me because:
1. I can say bad words to you in Italian
2. I know the entire "Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It" rap and have some sweet dance moves to accompany it
3. I'm a cheap date and a 12 year old at heart - my favorite things include Sour Patch Kids and chocolate milk

My dream booth date would go something like this: You pick me up at the Metra station. We head to the Harper Center and hit up some recruiting events for some Potbelly's sandwiches, grape tomatoes and hummus, or maybe if we're feeling really classy, some pulled pork sliders. We play a game or two of pool in the student lounge. Then, we take a scenic stroll through the winter and summer gardens and head to Ida Noyes to finish the evening off with a few beers.

Anna Yang
Why should Boothies bid on you?
1. I'm a good chef
2. I don't get the Asian flush
3. I have all my teeth (and they are all real)

What's your dream Booth date?
Dream date: You buy me fro-yos from Kovler (free with $6 purchase!)
and we sit underneath the Charlie Brown Christmas tree statue in the
summer garden to get to know each other better.

Want to check out another Booth student? Vamsi wasn’t auctioned off but his DITL video shows a pretty great day at Booth.

Have a great weekend all and check back in next week to see more springtime fun at Booth!


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