Thursday, February 9, 2012

Admit Weekend is here!

Hi everyone!

Campus is all abuzz this week as we get ready to welcome the Round 1 Admitted Students, Class of 2014 to campus this weekend! This week we have a double-header Wednesdays in the Winter Garden for you where we ask students both what they would recommend that visitors to Chicago do, and where they’ve chosen to live in Chicago. Make sure you check out those videos on our YouTube channel or Facebook page!

Today’s blog comes to you from Chloe, who over the past few months has been planning Admit Weekend with a group of first and second year students and the Admissions office. You can check out Chloe’s blog below. For those of you coming to town this weekend, we look forward to welcoming you to Chicago and to Booth!


I came to admit weekend last April, not really knowing what to expect…a big sell? I already had a ticket booked to Chicago for that weekend before I even applied to Booth (fate?) so I figured I might as well attend and pick up a free t-shirt.

Needless to say, I felt right at home that weekend. I had an amazing time, the people were genuine and real. There was never a moment when I felt I was being sold. If anything, I felt like everyone was being themselves and showing me what it would be like to actually attend Booth. When I left for home after that weekend I knew I was going to attend Booth.

So, it should be no surprised that I signed up for the team that is putting this shindig together for the class of 2014. We’re called the A-team, part of DSAC which is the group that does school tours, panels, brings you this blog, as well as other programs for prospective students. A group of 20 first-year students led by two second years started working back in November to plan this year’s Admit Weekend. We’ve worked to be innovative, engaging, and fun.

We start with a pep rally for all of the volunteers for admit weekend, of which there are over 250. That’s almost a volunteer for each admit! We’ve trained all of them on their activities and have done practice runs to test out new ideas. The team has picked amazing places for dinners, night events, and an extra special closing event on Saturday night to officially celebrate all of the admits. The team and all of the volunteers are pumped to welcome the new admits and show them the pride and spirit of the Chicago Booth MBA program. Welcome class of 2014! We can’t wait to meet you.

Students getting excited at the pep rally to kick off admit weekend!

Over 250 student volunteers are the driving force behind admit weekend

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